Samsung Starts Mass Production of World's Fastest 4GB DRAM


Samsung announced it has begun mass-producing the world's first 4-gigabyte DRAM package based on the second-generation High Bandwidth Memory interface (HBM2). Samsung says such a memory type can offer the performance seven times faster of existing DRAM. Samsung’s new HBM solution offers faster responsiveness for high-end computing tasks including parallel computing, graphics rendering and machine learning.

Samsung claims that the HBM2 offers 256GBps of bandwidth, which is twice as seen in its previous HBM1 DRAM installed at AMD Fury.

The firm has ambitious plans on following up with an 8GB HBM2 DRAM package later this year. Moreover Samsung claims its new DRAM package will make gaming devices, as well as smartphone graphics cards more compact and powerful.

Samsung said that by using these in graphics cards, vendors will be see a space saving of more than 95 percent compared with using GDDR5 DRAM, enabling them to offer solutions targeting more compact devices that require high-level graphics computing features.

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