The map of Super Civilizations which existed before the Big Bang has been presented

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Mathematical Physics Vahagn Gurzadyan and Roger Penrose presented the map of possible habitat supercivilizations, which existed before the Big Bang. The scientists have placed their research at

In their work, the scientists consider the map of the Cosmic microwave background (CMB). Anomalies which are exists on this map are interpreted as traces of highly technological societies existed in the previous aeon of the universe. Researchers are developed the data on the CMB in the context of conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC).

Possible places of Super Civilizations are marked with red dots.

This theory suggests the cyclical development of the universe and postulates that one epoch (eon) is separated from the other by Big Bang. According to mathematical physics, lost civilizations were capable of transmitting information by black holes collision.

The need for such action researchers attribute for several reasons:

First, the civilization of the previous aeon might have tried to warn the community of contemporary eon about his fate and thus give them some advices.

Second, the message from super civilizations might contain the necessary data for the origin of life (in the terms of information panspermia hypothesis)

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