The Era Of The Selfie Stick


Take a walk outside and there are very big chances of seeing people taking some selfies. But they don’t seem to do it as we were used to. Yes, they’re using a selfie stick, by far the most popular smartphone accessory of the moment, also known as a monopod.

Until a few months ago, selfie sticks were designed solely for action cameras, like GoPro or SJCAM. Still, people started using them with their smartphones, in various countries over the world and the UAE is no exception.

Of course, like most smartphone accessories, selfie sticks also have their pluses and minuses. It’s obvious that by using them, you can take some really good looking photos, especially group snapshots, since your phone will be able to capture images at a wider angle.

The same thing can be done when using the video recording function, no matter if we’re talking about a smartphone or an action camera. The footage will look way more interesting!

On the other side, selfie sticks come with disadvantages. If you’re using a model which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the battery will drain a bit faster, since the connectivity should always be on. Besides this, selfie sticks are designed to be used with your phone’s front-facing camera, since otherwise you can’t see the picture you’re taking. Depending on your phone, the quality of a photo taken with your front-facing camera is not the best.

Overal, the selfie stick is a nice accessory for any smartphone and if you’re one of those users who like to take a lot of group shots especially, you should definitely get one.

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