Beware! This Malware of single Text erases everything on your Android phone

من طرف JASELINEte
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A Danish security firm Heimdal has identified a malware that erases the entire data of your Android phone using just a text message. The malware is called “Mazar”.

It sends text messages to phones which contain a seemingly harmless multimedia message link. As soon as the user clicks the link, Tor download starts on his/her phone followed by the actual malware hidden by the Tor software.  Heimdal estimates that over 100,000 phones have already received the Mazar text in Denmark and is not sure whether the malware has spread to other countries or not.

There is another bad news for Android users as last year; a University of Cambridge study found that 85 percent of Android devices could face, at least one crucial security vulnerability. So if you are an Android user, the best option is precaution. Never click on a link sent from any random unknown sender. And as far as ‘Mazar’ is concerned, it has been found that the malware cannot infiltrate devices using Russian as their default language which is not going to help you much if you don’t know the language! So be safe and practice caution.

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