Humanity Is What This Animation Teaches Us !

من طرف Paulite
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The Universe is one such thing that seems to go on and on with its mysteries and secrets. When you think you have amassed a lot of information, something new will come up and you will feel like a novice again. There are millions and billions of things that make up this universe and we know nothing or very little about them. For example, the most basic or simple question: “How big is space?”

To answer this question of yours, you will have to watch this animation that puts into perspective the relative sizes of various things around us, which too are a part of this universe just like you and me. The animation shows measurement done on the scale of metres.

It shows the scale of Universe. So on one side there are miniscule beings like proton (1 femometer), X-Ray wavelength (500 pectometers), width of a human hair (100 micrometers), Great Pyramid of Giza (140 metres), distance between the Earth and the Moon (385,000 kilometres) and so on. Watch the whole video and find out how very negligible all of us are.

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