GoPro Hero 4 - The best action camera so far

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GoPro is one of the brands that appeared pretty much overnight. Even though the market was already saturated with cameras able to shoot footage in extreme conditions, the folks over GoPro anticipated the need for mini cameras, suitable for sports and other outdoor activities. Also, they built their business solely around this idea, without thinking at the commercial aspect.

In just a short time, they created a universe where GoPro cameras are leading the segment and they’re also a benchmark for other manufacturers. One of the latest additions to their portfolio, the GoPro Hero 4, although not bringing major differences – from both the design and performances point of view – is a proof that a software update can transform a great device into an excellent once.

GoPro Hero 4 features a  1/2.3 inch sensor, a common format for action cameras, able to take pictures at a maximum resolution of 3000 x 4000 pixels. Or 12 MP, if you want.  The image quality is more than great and it’s aided a lot by the optical image stabilization feature.

When it comes to filming, the camera can be set to shoot with a wide angle, but, on the other side, if you want to focus on a specific subject, the sharp angle is recommended. The GoPro Hero 4 is available in two version, Black, able to shoot 4K videos, and Silver, without this feature. If you are an experienced GoPro user and want to make a step forward, it’s obvious that the Black version is the best option, but otherwise, for a beginner, Silver is just as good.

What’s essential about the camera is that it’s shock and waterproof, so you can basically use it to shoot images or record images in several environments, no matter the weather conditions.

Maybe one of the most important additions to the GoPro Hero 4, compared to previous models, is the color touchscreen. Until now, a smartphone was required in order to see what you’re shooting and how it looks, through a dedicated app. Now, everything can be seen on the integrated display, not to mention that it’s way easier to work with the camera’s settings.

Another feature worth mentioning is the presence of a microSD card slot, essential for storing all of your footage. The GoPro Hero 4 supports cards up to 64 GB and our recommendation is to avoid cards with smaller capacities. If you have the Black version, you will be tempted to shoot movies in 4K resolution and the storage will fill rapidly.

Finally, the 3.8V battery has a capacity of 1160 mAh, but, despite the relatively small capacity, it can power the camera for enough time, allowing the user to take all the footage he or she wants.

To sum up, we can say that it is an excellent purchase for anybody who wants more than just a basic camera, suitable for capturing the best moments in their lives. The GoPro Hero 4, alongside other action camera models, are available in our catalog.

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