In Future you may Build Computer like Stacking Lego Bricks

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A "modular computing device" has been patented by Microsoft. This technology will empower individuals to customize and replace the particular parts of computer as opposed to upgrading the system to whole new computer. Modular PCs are not a new concept but what will be different here will be the ease with which the components can be customized. You can easily change battery, processor, graphic card, even speakers etc.

Patent was applied in July 2015, and it got published on 11th February. Microsoft recently rolled out Xbox One Elite Controller with Scuf Computing which is modular. So it seems Microsoft has a keen interest in building modular stuffs in future. Earlier in 2015, it was seen that Microsoft came up with Razer’s modular PC called Project Christine. But later, it did not reach to market. A design was seen in the published article which is not clear but there can be stackable hardware connected to the display using hinge. Components may have housing that are connected magnetically and swappable.

Beside Microsoft, Google is also working on modular smartphones ‘Project Ara’. Needless to say, the mere existence of the patent does not mean Microsoft intends to release this kind of hardware. But it at least demonstrates that some serious thought towards a PC that is modular in nature.

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