The Raspberry Pi Will Finally Be Getting Wi-Fi

من طرف Matar Khalifa
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The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic, cheap, and surprisingly powerful little computer, but it’s rather lacking in the connectivity department. According to a number of reports—including filings with the FCC—that’s all about to change.

FCC filings show an upgraded Raspberry Pi 3 has been submitted to the FCC for certification. On previous Pis, you could add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi by using a dongle, but that added cost, size, and used a valuable USB port.

The new Pi 3 Model B appears to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the board, which opens up a whole world of additional possibilities—making a home media PC should be even easier than before. Other specs stay broadly the same—1.2GHz Broadcomm processor, and the same (small) 1GB of RAM.

Price and availability are still to be announced, but the catalogue of Pi distributor CPC is now listing the Pi 3 for about $37.

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