Printer Buying Guide: the Best Models for Your Home and Office

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A work of a modern office can’t be efficient without printers or MFPs (Multi-Function Printer). However such equipment is essential not only for offices: it’s of use at photostudios, printing offices, copy shops and even at home. The article will describe how to choose a perfect printer or MFP for office and home.


Device type

An optimal variant for office is MFP with three features: printing, scanning and copying or so called 4-in-1 devices, which have a fax as well.

Printing speed

Printing speed of a printer or MFP is a number of pages, which can be printed, scanned or copied per minute. Printing speed for office MFP should be not less than 20-30 pages per minute, as it’s a common thing for offices to work with large volumes of text.

Printing technology

Laser MFPs are perfect for office. Their signature features are a high printing speed, high printing quality and a low price of one copy.

Network and non-network MFPs

Access to non-network MFP is possible only from a computer connected to MFP. It’s ok for small offices but absolutely inconvenient for middle-sized and big ones. There are two types of connection to a network MFP: wire and wireless. It’s necessary to have Ethrenet (KO-45) to install a wire connection. Wireless connection requires Wi-Fi.

Maximum paper size

A4 – a standard paper size is supported by all the office MFP models. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to print A3 sized documents.

Printer tray

A printer tray is used for paper feed: the bigger its size, the more paper it may hold, the less often you’ll need to add paper. The following printer tray sizes are optimal: 100-150-sheet – for a small office, 330-500 – for a middle-size office and 1000 or even more – for large offices.  

Colour grade

If you’re planning to work only with black & white documents, there’s no need to buy a colour MFP.


Device type

If there’s a student in your family or a person who works a lot with documents at home, the best choice is a 3-in-1 MFP. If you want to print document or photos from time to time, it’ll be enough to buy a usual printer.

Printing speed

High speed is important if you’re planning to work with large text volumes. For home printers it’s enough to have a low speed – from 3-4 pages per minute.

Printing technology

Both laser and ink-jet printers are common for homes.  The latter provide an excellent printing quality. They are a perfect choice in case there’s no need to print huge volumes of texts. Although they are rather cheap, a cost of printing is quite high. The main disadvantage is that ink may dry up if you don’t use printer for some time, what may cause considerable costs for repair.

Ink-jet printers use ink and laser ones – toners. Both may be bought separately and in a filled cartridge. It’s cheaper to fill it on your own but some skills here are required. The prices in UAE you can find in a section “Printers-and-MFP”.






Maximum paper size

For home it’s enough to have a standard paper size printer tray, unless you are going to print anything of extraordinary size.


Using these recommendations, you'll find a perfect printer for your needs.

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