Business Setup in the UAE


Dubai, the hub for many business endeavors has made it simpler for every entrepreneur to set up tax free business. Here is around 20 free zones operating in Dubai emirate only. The economic progress increases every day and new free zones are opening and developing in country, Dubai is no exception.

So, basically all free zone based in Dubai specialize on different activities and all they have special procedures of registration. Our company has allowed to deal with all free zone all over in the country, but we are oriented on clients’ needs prefer to choose what suit our clients the best. We cooperate in Dubai with the following free zones DMCC, JAFZA, Dubai Internet City & Media City, DWC and Dubai Airport Free zone. These free zones have their special requirements and cost for the license.

These free zones allow every business personnel to have 100% ownership without the help of a sponsor, the right to own property both for personal and business use, setup of bank accounts in Dubai, tax free, etc. With these exclusive rules and regulations every starting business yearns to get a free zone license and start up their business dreams in such a comfortable zone. The free zones align licenses according to the scenario and business setup of the entrepreneur. These are the three main licenses assigned,

Trade License:

This license is provided when a company is set up outside the UAE and is active in imports and exports. The company can be owned 100% by an outsider, without the need of any license from the department of economics.

Industrial License:

An industrial license is given when the company is involved in industrial production in any of the free zones of the UAE. 100% ownership is entitled and no license is required from the economics department.

Service license:

This license helps companies to associate with the relevant government in the UAE to provide them with the various services that they nurture. It is therefore mandatory that they follow all the rules and regulations put forth by the government without fail.

Our specialist will find the most suitable option for you.

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