Why Objects In The Universe Is NOT Of Same Size? This Is The Reason….

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Stunning, but the reason is very similar to the appearance of crack in the paint and in dry mud.  sizes.

According to a Duke theorist, it is but natural that the objects in the universe vary widely in size and mass. Starting from a very large star to the smallest dust motes, everything was formed following the theory of formation of cracks in the paint when it dries.

Adrian Bejan, the J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University, recently published a paper in the Journal of Applied Physics on this subject. He explained internal turmoil and the need to release internal tension is the main cause of the formation and shape of the universe, as we see it today.


Despite being unimaginably large, the early phase of the universe can be considered as a finite volume of suspended matters. Irrespective of their shape and size, every particle in the universe affected others because of the presence of gravity. Due to this, the entire volume was in internal tension.

Due to gravity, the particles gradually started coming towards each other to form larger objects. The question was why did they form such a wide variety of sizes when it could have been the same size because of uniform presence of the matter?

“We know from common experiences that things in volumetric tension crack, and they crack instantly everywhere,” said Bejan. “The easiest example is paint drying on a wall. As it dries, it shrinks, putting the entire system in tension. Then boom, it suddenly cracks overnight, relieving the tension. And the design responsible for that relief is hierarchical, meaning few large and many small.”

Bejan conceived that this pattern of relief is very much in line with the constructal law, which he conceived during 1996. The constructal law describes how any flowing system left to change in uninterrupted way over time will trend to follow an easier flowing architecture. If we see in the nature, specifically rivers, roots and vascular systems, we observe that a few large channels carry massive flows which are further distributed into numerous smaller branches for evacuation. The young universe, which was synonymous to a free flowing system with particles pulling every which way, a distribution like river/ blood vessel was the most suitable for release of internal tension.

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