'The world's smartest' solution to efficient photo storage has arrived!


Photo storage is so important – no one wants to lose their precious memories.  Obviously cloud services are a great cheap way of storage – but they do not offer clever organisation. For example have you ever been in this situation;

You are telling a friend a story about an amazing holiday you had back in 2010 and then they say ‘have you got the pictures?’ and then you spend the next 15 minutes scrolling through your iPhone trying to find the right picture….

If so, you will know how annoying that is, not to mention that it kind of ruins the momentum of your story.

How great would it be if you could just search ‘snow’ and get all your skiing holiday pics immediately? Well with the Monument you can.

So, the Monument device seeks to blend cheap storage with intelligent sorting, combining local storage and memory card compatibility with automatic backups.

Monument functions like a photo-specific wireless hard drive — except it has no storage of its own. Instead, you plug in one or two standalone hard drives, which can be housed within the hub’s sleek outer shell. The idea is to provide owners with complete flexibility, with three configurations to choose from: 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. For added security, you can back up one Monument to another, remotely.

You the download the free app and your photos from your phone start to sync to your Monument via Wi-Fi, whilst images from your camera are transferred via the integrated SD card slot.


Then, Monument sorts all the incoming photo’s into times, dates, places, and faces, using automatic face detection.

So, overall, the Monument is super-efficient,  making it really easy and quick to browse your photo library. The hub also has has an HDMI output for displaying photos on your TV.

Monument seeks funding from Kickstarter, at the time of writing they have raised $182,37, exceeding their goal of 60,000.  There is 25 days left to back the project. You can back the project and pre-order the device for $99 — which isn’t bad at all considering that there are no monthly fees to be paid. The eventual suggested retail price will be at the more challenging price point of $209.

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