Microsoft says the Xbox One won’t be modular like a PC

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Last week, Xbox head Phil Spencer discussed how the Xbox One will see new hardware iterations in the same way other consumer technologies do. He wasn’t 100% clear with this message, which of course led to all manner of speculation on what he could have meant. Though it seemed to me that he said the Xbox One would see upgraded hardware iterations like a smartphone do, others believed Spencer’s comments suggested that the Xbox One would become modular like a PC.

While on the latest episode of Major Nelson’s podcast, Phil Spencer explained that people will not have to take their consoles apart in order to upgrade it. As he said, Microsoft has no plans for people to have to get their hands dirty (figuratively speaking) by taking their consoles apart in order to add new components to it. “It’s not like I’m going to ship a screwdriver set with every console that comes out,” said Spencer.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, it will be easier for developers to create games for that app which in turn will be able to run on any Windows 10 compatible device, such as a PC, Xbox One, or smartphone. With UWP, Microsoft can, for example, release an upgraded Xbox One console next year which will be able to run currently existing titles. Through UWP, it also means that current Xbox One consoles would be able to run newer games, but possibly at lower settings.

To be honest, it’s still up in the air as to what Microsoft’s exact plans are for how it will upgrade its Xbox One. But at least we now know for certain it won’t involve having to open up one’s console, or be anything like Sega’s 32X/Genesis/Sega CD monstrosity.

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