New Tech Makes Websites Load 34% Faster


Slow loading web pages are a common problem. A load speed is a crucial point especially for such services as Amazon, The New York Times and other. According to the latest investigations, these companies lose one percent of profits for every 100-millisecond of delay.

MIT researchers, among of whom are a graduate student Ameesh Goyal, professor Hari Balakrishnan, as well as Harvard professor James Mickens Polaris have tested a wide range of 200 of the most globally popular websites, including,,

MIT team has found the way to speed up the time for loading web pages up to 34% without increasing the connection. A new technology called Polaris helps browsers gather files more effectively. Instead of focusing on data compaction, what has been the general approach in achieving faster web page loading speeds so far, MIT researchers offer to focus on mapping the dependencies or connections between the various objects on a page. It works in the following way: for a web browser loading all of the page’s objects is like visiting all the cities before reaching the destination. Polaris technology gives a list of all the cities before the trip starts. When a web page begins loading, the browser has to fetch the objects from the network and decide where to put them. This way the browser loads web pages much more quickly.

Polaris' unique approach allows it to work also with more complex websites, such as mobile websites.

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