This Samsung 15 TB SSD is a storage monster!This Samsung 15 TB SSD is a storage monster!

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Admit it! You never have enough space to store all that you hold dear to you and to store all that you think important for you. But things are going to change from now on and Samsung is going to do that for you. The company has started shipping its 15.36 terabyte SSD- the largest capacity SSD till date.

The SSD is really great because not only does it have a monstrous storage capacity, it is also very fast. Samsung claims that it has read and write speeds of up to 200,000 and 32,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) respectively, with sequential read and write speeds reaching 1,200MB/sec.

It is an enterprise grade device so you won’t be seeing this in your next gaming machine. It consists of 32 512GB flash packages, each consisting of 16 layers of 256 Gb V-NAND memory chips. It has a controller that supports the 12 Gb/s SAS interface, and a whopping 16GB of DRAM to help manage all of it. According to reports, the same drive will be available in smaller capacities as well: 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB and 480GB, by the end of this year. Though the price is yet to be revealed, we can say the device will surely be worth the money it charged. 


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