Top 10 UAE Youtube Video Bloggers


Over the past years, a new phenomenon took the Internet by storm: vlogging. People wanted to take regular blogging to a whole new level and, instead of relying just on writing in order to express their thoughts, they’ve made the switch to videos hosted on YouTube, in most cases.

Surprisingly or not, a lot of them managed to gather tons of subscribers who are enjoying each video they post. Vloggers from all over the world are now famous in their countries, while some of them took their success beyond borders.

The UAE is no exception, as multiple vloggers managed to surpass the 1 million subscribers milestone. In our opinion, this is an amazing achievement but today we’re not talking just about those from the “1 million club”, as there are a lot of vloggers with less subrscribers, but always delivering awesome content.

We’ve put together a list with the top 10 vloggers from the UAE, which you should definitely check out!


1. Huda Beauty

A beauty channel is always a good idea, especially if the videos are made in such way that they answer some of the most popular questions related to make-up. Add a lot of well-made make-up tutorials and you’ve found the recipe to success.

Since 2007, Huda Beauty managed to gather 993,285 subscribers and it’s currently one of the most appreciated beauty vloggers in the UAE!



2. Hayla TV

The beauty of vlogging lies in the fact that anybody can do it, no matter the age. Hayla is just 20 years old, but, besides being a student, she is the owner of Hayla Couture, a bridal and evening gown shop, and one of the funniest channels in the UAE.

She joined YouTube relatively recent, but already managed to have 672,067 subscribers. Make sure you check out her channel, it’s absolutely hilarious!




The UAE is one of the most impressive automotive scenes in the world, as the Internet is full with pictures of exquisite cars taken in Dubai and other regions. Still, the folks over ArabGT make some of the best reviews, focusing on models from all categories, for every budget.

The channel was started back in 2009 and until now it reached 434,191 subscribers always coming back for the latest news and high quality car reviews.



4. The Real Bin Baz

Comedian, model, entertainer, actor. That’s how Bin Baz describes himself on his YouTube channel. With such a description, you should be surprised after seeing his videos, with titles like “Ostrich riding fail” or “Brushing teeth in commercials vs real life”. Still, he also has videos from his trips from all over the world, which should be missed!

Bin Baz started his channel at the beginning of 2014 and already succeeded in surpassing 200.000 subscribers.



5. cardtricksforallll

Ahmed Khudair has a passion for card tricks and wanted to share it with everybody. His videos clearly explain how to perform such ‘magic’ clearly, so if you’re looking forward to learning a new skill in order to impress your friends, definitely check out some of his videos.

His subscriber count is currently 147,768, but his main goal is reaching 1 million, so why now help him in his journey?



6. Taim AlFalasi

Taim is one of the busiest vloggers in the UAE, constantly travelling around the world and sharing moments from her trips with subscribers. Based in Dubai, she is also involved in organizing various exhibitions and festivals, including the famous Dubai Film Festival.

Currently at 385,890 subscribers, Taim AlFalasi has a channel worth checking out if you’re into traveling as well!



7. ZaytounehRecipes

If you’re into cooking, ZaytounehRecipes is pretty much one of the most interesting cooking vlogs from the UAE. You can find tons of recipes here, clearly explained, from various cuisines around the world. Arab or Western dishes, you can find everything about food here.

The channel was started in 2001 and until now it has 122,213 subscribers, but it has all the chances of growing quickly, since the quality of the recipes presented here is absolutely outstanding. Not to mention that you start feeling hungry after watching a few videos…



8. shenoya3nitv

Fancying comedy shows? Well you’re just in the right place, as shenoya3nitv delivers some of the funniest clips from the UAE we’ve seen. Unfortunately, the channel wasn’t that active lately, but it’s still worth giving it a shot if you’re looking for something funny to watch.

Right now, the number of subscribers is 138,140, but we’re convinced that if more content will be uploaded in the near future, the number will go higher very quick.



9. Maan Hamadeh

The UAE has its talented musicians and Maan Hamadeh is surely one of them. His channel is full with piano covers to some of the most famous songs of the world, but he also posts videos from his trips all over the world.

Thanks to his talent, Maan managed to gather almost 92,109 subscribers, making him the perfect example of pure talent. Take a look at his videos and, if you’re interested in seeing some flawless piano interpretation, you will most likely become a subscriber yourself.



10. ChefOsamaElSayed

Mr. El Sayed is far from being your average vlogger, as he is a top chef, culinary consultant, cookbook and food author and a TV host in the UAE. According to his description, he likes to “share the joy of cooking” with everybody and we can totally agree, as most of his videos are mouth-watering.

Currrently, the Chef has 68,984 subscribers, as the channel was started back in 2008. If you’re up for some new recipes, make sure you pay him a visit.



And there you have it ladies and gents, 10 of the top vloggers in the UAE. Of course, we’re sure that there are way more awesome channels out there. Do you know any of them? Let us know about them, using the comments section below!

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