Revolutionary recycled cardboard mini batteries can charge your phone in a hurry


Need a quick charge on your smartphone? Sick of carrying around cables and bulky chargers? Tired of searching out plugs and waiting for your phone to charge? This award-winning cardboard battery concept is disposable, biodegradable and will give you a charge for two, four or six hours.

Fast Company reports that designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a cardboard capsule-like power supply called the Mini Power that’s not only portable but also more environmentally-friendly than traditional batteries as it doesn’t require packaging and is made out of recycled cardboard. Mini Power lets you simply break off a battery from a perforated sheet and pop it into your phone for a quick charge basically anywhere you are. You could even buy them in bulk and use them when traveling or away from your normal charging station for long periods of time.

Chih-Hsien recently won a Red Dot Award for his efforts, and hopes that the batteries could be made available for purchase in convenience stores and other locations soon. So keep an eye out for Mini Power – it’s a concept that’s perfect for avid smartphone users.

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