How to Insert Two Sim Cards and MicroSD into Galaxy S7 Edge


Samsung introduced its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones in February and recently launched their sales. Lucky owners of the brand new Samsung specialties must be disappointed that they can either choose Extra Space or Dual Sim with internal space. However some enthusiasts claim that it is possible to use both Dual Sim and MicroSD space though it requires some tinkering.

The Galaxy S7 is supposed to work either with two SIM cards or with a SIM card and MicroSD. NoReplied considered this technology not effective and proposed to get round it. The resource describes a way to use all three (two SIMs and a microSD card) in the Galaxy S7.

It shall be noticed that there are some risks of proceeding with the hack. The fear to spoil identification unit and data store is quite high. S7 Edge might be broken, too. The warranty in this case loses its force.

If you are not afraid of possible losses, here are the steps of the procedure:
- first of all remove the chip of SIM card from Nano SIM, preliminary heating it;
- then clean and remove remains of plastic and glue;
- put it on the memory card with glue or double-sided adhesive tape (it shall be really strong).
Scrupulousness here is highly required, otherwise the card will not work or other damages may be caused.

The detailed algorithm is described on the NoReplied website. It might also work for other mobile devices.

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