Shopping of the Future


Retail is changing like never before. Thanks to new technologies, it is getting much easier than ever before for retailers to comply with every customer’s demands. A mall of the future will look completely different from the current one: from robots to fitting room apps.

For years robots have been behind the scenes fulfilling orders in Amazon's warehouses.

But it is expected that in the future robots could even replace sales assistants. Lowe stores are currently testing the so called Oshbots – robots, which can locate merchandise and speak English or Spanish. Their screens also contain advertisements.

The smart machines are also appearing in fitting rooms. A company called Hointer has developed the technology that allows shoppers to make a list of items to try on via mobile app. After that robots bring the items to the fitting room. Believe it or not, this system triples the number of items shoppers try on.

According to analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence, in order to tailor the customer experience, the stores are also using advanced technologies more than ever.

Lowe company has developed “Holoroom 3D AR Virtual Room” technology, which lets customers try different colors on the walls or floor of their room. It essentially replaces samples and paint swatches.

Moreover, retailers are also using beacon technology to make you buy more products. Beacons are $5 gadgets that use Bluetooth to send shoppers necessary information. The technology is likely to be widespread in the future. An example of beacon technology is a store sending a "welcome" message to customers when they visit through a mobile app.

Many stores of the future will have free Wi-Fi, according to a firm King Retail Services. This company just developed a futuristic store for Space Age Fuel in Oregon.

Offering Wi-Fi may also be of help when it comes to the cash register. Apple and Android users will have an opportunity to make mobile payments, what will let enhance loyalty programs and provide more data to retailers.

Many stores might also offer places to charge your phone. By the way, Starbucks has already implemented Powermat wireless technology.

Stores are also increasingly becoming distribution centers for goods and services ordered online. For example, Target just partnered with Instacart for a test in Minneapolis. Instacart delivers groceries within an hour.

Start-up Carvana deals with sale of vehicles online. Recently the company introduced innovative technology, which lets you buy a vehicle with a help of vending machine. 

Bloomberg Intelligence says that Amazon's same-day delivery is forcing major retailers to overhaul operations and offer speedy delivery.


New technologies are making shopping easier than ever.

In case you deal with sales, you can fix one of the aforementioned technologies now. The following links will be useful for business owners in UAE:

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