Microsoft’s Ink Platform is super interesting to use

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Microsoft has served the users with yet another thing on the platter and this new thing is called Microsoft’s Ink Platform. The company is putting it at the heart of the next chapter in its operating system. If you are wondering about what it does and what are the features offered, then let us inform you that the Ink workspace is a one-stop shop for people using the Pen to find apps that are compatible with the device but also downloaded new ones.

There’s a built-in link that will take you to a part of the Microsoft app store dedicated to Ink apps, and also provide tips and tricks on how to use it.

The novelty of the platform is that you can now draw in sketch pad and take advantage of tolls including the built in ruler. You will be amazed to see how Ink interacts with maps. To check, you can mark two points inside Microsoft’s maps software and it will work out the distance and will even give you directions. Interestingly, the Ink can also be used to make notes for meeting points inside 3D maps and the software will automatically turn these into billboards that will always face you as you scroll around the map. Cool! Isn’t it? This Ink Platform is surely something to look forward to.

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