Which is the best programming Language to Learn in 2016 ? ( Based on the different aspects of Development )


It takes years to master one language and get a decent position and choice of work, but you want to make sure that you are not stuck in the wrong area of development which may really not have been the right choice for you in long run.

First lets go through some statistics which can clear some data and conclusions for us.

What are the main streams of development in todays world ?

We have broadly categorised the main streams of programming development into the below ones and what everyone is using.

What is your entry strategy and is their enough demand and jobs in these languages ?

Make sure their are enough opportunities in you campus and else where in form of courses that you can go through and check the feasibility for you language to learn.

Another Graph Below shows the Job Demands based on popularity in US released from Indeed.

Trends of these Languages

Python by far used by Google and Facebook is the fastest growing language in the world.

But Java, Php and C still minting a higher search volume and growth signifies growth in that space.

Rankings based on Ieee Spectrum are more astonishing than what we think.

How much these languages pay us now in future growth

There are some languages which make your skill set more valuable and Quartz has compiled all this data and based on a study from the Brookings Institution, it has created a list of the highest paying computer programming languages.

These are the highest paying computer programming languages ranked by salary:

Conclusion :

Think of your long run and immediate needs, follow your passion and other skill sets which can enhance your growth and make you a master. Their can be a huge difference in Salary for what you earn initially and after becoming a master.

Don’t try more at the same time, give to time.


If you are new and just want to enter programming to start afresh and later think deeper into it, you should go with C,C++ to make your base strong or with Java and Python to select a safer career Option.

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