Want to be picture perfect? Here are the 5 secrets to look beautiful in photos

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From the time the selfie virus has hit us all, clicking pictures has never been easier. Candid shots, cosy clicks and family portraits have all become easier to take or manage, thanks to the advent of the smartphone and compact cameras. However, more often than not, we tend to click multiple images of the same shot so as to zero in on one best click. And naturally, this best click makes it to our social media account, profiles and so many other places.

While this has become a normal routine, we believe you are going wrong somewhere. Do we not actually know how to strike the best pose for the perfect click to come about? Well, well, here are five secrets to make you look beautiful in photos from now until forever.

1-  Do Not Try Too Hard

The worst mistake that makes us look boring in photos is that we try too hard to impress the camera; we are too wide eyed or too narrow-eyed. Often, we end up being all smiles and sometimes we look too dull. There has to be a middle way of expressing it right for the photos. The tip to take cue from here is that you must be natural without trying too hard to bring a particular expression on your face. Just remain the way you are. Not trying hard is the trick to get the right posture for photos. Also, keep in mind that instead of clicking snaps straight on, take shots after tilting your head a little.

2-  Maintain A Casual Posture

While posture counts to an immense extent when it comes to photography, most of us either slouch or are too stiff. This takes the charm off the pictures. You need to keep in mind that casual clicks or even formal photos come best when your posture is not unnatural. All you need to do is strike a balance between being in ‘attention position’ and being‘at ease.’ Simply maintain a casual way of standing or sitting that does not become the focus point of the picture.

3- Relax

The major tip to bear in mind to look beautiful in photos is to always relax. Have a calm air around you instead of being too jumpy. While you could be excited during a photo session, this will rarely work in your favour. It is important to know that the most relaxed poses and expressions are often the best. When clicking photos in a group, you must bear in mind that your attention is not on what everybody else is doing. Simply stay relaxed and pose the way that suits you right. Blindly aping someone else’s pose could never guarantee you a perfect photograph. Looking beautiful in pictures is easy but needs a little bit of consideration and some clever practice.

4- Avoid Looking Intently At The Lens

The one blunder we have all been guilty of having committed is to directly stare into the camera while going “cheese.” This could not only lead to red-eyes on the final photo but can also make you look very stoic. Breathe some life into your photographs by being free around the time when these are taken. Make sure your inner bubbliness or personality comes to the fore when you are set to be clicked.

5- Get Flirty

We do not suggest this in a literal way. What we mean here is that you need to ensure your expressions have a flirty edge to them. This makes photographs awesome and you feel doubly good when you flip those over later. The trick is to style your hair causally, look easy and grin bright without inhibitions.

Never think too deep about how you should pose for the camera. Be you,be happy and the results will automatically be awesome. Look beautiful and feel beautiful! Here’s raising a toast to the selfie craze and we wish it never fades!

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