10 reasons to replace an old smartphone by a new one

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Just imagine that more than 2 billion smartphones will be sold across the globe in 2016 and most of them will be bought as a replacement for outdated gadgets. In fact, every fourth person on Earth will use a brand new smartphone! You want to be among them? Then we recommend to consult our list of reasons that will help you to understand whether it is time to change the smart phone or you can wait a little longer. 

1. The loss of “resalable condition”
Rubbed on all sides smartphone with crumpled body, of course do not scary people so much as frankly slovenly appearance of its owner. But in our time the interlocutors pay attention to the gadgets too. Especially when you have an important meeting or any kind of interview.  And if the gadget has already managed to grow a "bristle" from chips and scratches, it is unlikely that the cheap case that was bought as palliative will protect it for a long time.

2. Run slows and malfunctions
If the device responds with a delay on every click or refuses to perform some of them at all it is annoying. Or even enraging - let's call a spade a spade. Sometimes the problem is "treated" with full reset of your smartphone settings, but all that helps up to a certain time. A new device with a nimble processor and increased memory capacity is much reliable and stable.

3. Crashed or cracked screen
The screen is one of the most expensive components of a smartphone. Especially when it comes to its flagman smartphones with a resolution higher than 1920 x 1080 pixels. If it suddenly cracked or covered with thick cobwebs of frightening cracks, it means that you should pay a pretty penny in a service center. In such a situation, the loss of “resalable condition” is compounded by unpleasant inconveniences: the greater the damage, the more difficult to make out fine details in the image; the eyes - a valuable thing, it’s better to protect them.

4. Smartphones battery runs down fast 
The life of the average smartphone battery is approximately 400-600 charge cycles. It can be increased if observing certain rules, but such little things do not bother even the experts. It doesn’t mean that exactly after the six hundredth approach to the outlet your smartphone will depart this life. After the space of a year you will begin to notice that the battery is just isn't what it used to be. If it is removable, you can simply buy a new one (if they still produced), but if it has a monolithic body, then again welcome to the service center. You have to pay not only for the battery, but also for the work of the repairer. It is more rational to spend the money on a new device, simultaneously selling the old one.
5. New applications do not start 
The latest version of the mobile operating system - is not only for the honor and respect, but also the ability to use relevant software. Meanwhile, it’s 2016 outside, and the world is full of people using Android 2.2 and 2.3 that was released - frightful to think - 5 years ago. Should it be reminded that the people that use so ancient "green robots" cannot even just  see all the variety of good (and not very good) software, that accumulated during this time on Google Play?

6. Slow internet
It may seem surprising, but mobile operators are not always the culprits of slow mobile internet. Perhaps, the fact that your phone simply doesn’t support LTE technology fast data transfer, and "pulls" painfully the files on 3G or EDGE. By the way, this is not the destiny of the rich the market is full of LTE pricey models. 

7. One SIM is not enough any more
Two slots for SIM-cards in one smartphone - is not just a tribute to modern trends, it's actually useful. For example, if you travel a lot the data roaming tariffs are just brutal. It cannot stand any comparison with foreign mobile internet - just after arrival at a new country you should buy a local SIM-card, don’t be lazy. In addition, when all communication channels brought together in one mobile device life becomes easier. 

8. I would like a tablet, but ...
Sometimes it happens so that you come to the tech-store, and there are so many beautiful tablets! You can play on them, watch movies, scroll PDF and our friends are always ready to give a piece of advice, because they have already bought three tablets that are scattered around the apartment. But before you go along with pretty smiling consultant to the cash desk, you need a couple of seconds to think. Maybe you just need a multi-operated smartphone with a larger screen? 

9. Need a more decent camera 
On the dustbin of history a new completion is coming: VHS-cassettes and CDs can’t wait any more for the moment when the compact digital cameras will join their company. They have been successfully replaced by smartphones long ago and sometimes the phones shoot not worse than non-reflex cameras. So instead of a new “P&S camera” it is more logical to buy a new smartphone. To put it mildly, the muddy megapixel selfi is not very relevant in 2016. 

10. You still have an ancient button cell phone
The pushbutton phones though outdated, but will be in demand for a long time. Because it’s really handy for those who have to make dozens or even hundreds of calls per day. But if the “vintage brick” remains one of the primary means of communication simply because it is so familiar, you probably should throw away the doubts! Let smartphones discharge much faster, but it is a ticket to the world of brand-new technology and entertainment. There is no need to be afraid of them.

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