Want to know about the Hydrogen car that fuels up in four minutes?

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Apart from electricity, hydrogen has also started gaining the interest of scientist community as an alternative fuel. A car to add to this concept is Audi’s ‘h-tron-quattro’.

It is basically a hydrogen-powered concept car with a range of 372 miles. The car constitutes three fuel tanks hidden beneath the passenger or luggage compartments and these fuel tanks can be replenished in record four minutes! The fuel cells boast of an output of up to 110kW. The fuel cell is also supported by a lithium-ion battery which supplies a further 100kW for short, temporary bursts of acceleration. So what happens is, while the user is driving the car, the lithium-ion battery slowly recharges every time the user taps the brake. And that’s not all.

The car can reach a top speed of 124 mph and takes only seven seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph. The car also boasts of green credentials for the interior air conditioning and a solar roof capable of generating power up to 320 watts which is equivalent to an extra 620 miles of driving each year. Though it is a concept car and it is very much unlikely to hit the production stage, it still opens a new avenue in alternative-fuel-driven automobiles.

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