These are the top WhatsApp functions you never knew existed


We've rounded up some top tips for everyone's favourite instant messaging service - WhatsApp - to turn you into a pro.

1. See how many messages you and your friends have sent to each other

Go to Settings > Account > Network Usage on both iPhone and Android.

A number will appear next to each contact that represents the total number of messages sent between you both.

2. Send Conversation to Email

This features also very interesting, Now you can send your all  Conversation to your email any time very easily, After send you can see all media and text from your email. You can send undeleted and one friend’s Conversation.

Just open any friends chat now click on left option key and click on more > Email Conversation

3. Mute those annoying group chats

Go to the group chat in question, click on its name and select 'Mute' - where you will be presented with three options: eight hours, a week, and a year.

4. Hide your 'Last Seen' time

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen on both iPhone and Android.

5. See when someone has read your message

If you have an iPhone, open a chat, swipe your message from left to right and see delivery and read notifications.

If you have an Android phone - do a long press on a message sent by you. This reveals an 'i' with a circle around it.

Tapping on it will show you who the message was delivered to and read by.

6. Stop photos from being saved to your phone

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and then un-select WhatsApp from the list.

You will still be able to see the photo that was sent, but it won't be saved on your phone.

7. Switch off Read Receipts

Head to Settings > Account > Privacy and switch off Read Receipts on both iPhone and Android.

8. Backup and restore WhatsApp messages

Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup on both iPhone and Android.

9. Create Shortcuts For Important Contacts

This tricks no more special but it’s also can help you to speed up your WhatsApp communication without searching more friends, Means if you have biggest list of your WhatsApp friends user, If you want any to send message than finding that one taking more time.

Now using this trick you can Shortcuts For Important Contacts your most using contacts, It’s very easy, Just go on that friends contact and click on Add conversation shortcut and its done.

10 Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

Many friends for change WhatsApp number just using uninstalling and installing method, actually most people don’t right way to change WhatsApp Phone Number.

You can change number without uninstalling - Just Go on Setting > account > Delete My account

11. For add new number just add and verify easily

You can Change number using This one also –  Settings > Account > Change number.

12. Hide Profile Photo/Status In Whatsapp

In Whatsapp you can hide your profile photo if you no longer want it to be public. To hide profile photo go to ‘Settings>Account>Privacy>Profile photo’. You can either choose ‘Everyone’, ‘Nobody’ or ‘My contacts’.

To hide the status go to ‘Settings>Account>Privacy>Status’. Choose either ‘Everyone’, ‘Nobody’ or ‘My contacts’.

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