Mercury in spotlight: the planet was filmed by Belarusian enthusiasts

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Two Belarusian astrology enthusiasts (Vitaly Hatsuk and Andrei Leichik) have sent us a spectacular time-lapse video with motion of Mercury across the night sky. This planet is considered one of the most difficult planets to observe in the Solar System.

Shooting itself took place on April, 15 and lasted for four hours. Mercury spent above the horizon just 20 minutes. The cameraman took a picture every minute, so get a "trace" of the planet.

Mercury is the Sun closest planet in the Solar System, therefore it appears on the horizon as quickly as it fades out. 

Thanks to the SkyWatcher BKP 2008 HEQ5 SynScan PRO telescope and CANON EOS 1100D with two Barlow lens Mercury is visible at 1:02. 

Mercury, the Milky Way and Orion nebulas are extremely difficult to capture as they show themselves in the night skies quite seldom and we can see them next time only in autumn. 

Nevertheless, here’s good news for all amateurs of space observations: soon you’ll have a chance to see Mercury in a daytime as it will be crossing over the solar disk on 9th of May for the whole 5 hours. 

The Belarusian astronomers also managed to take a number of other rare photos of space objects including space clusters, the Moon, Jupiter and a big sunspot. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes of space!

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