The UAE main retailers offer a trade-in program for old mobile phones


There always comes a moment when you need to say goodbye to your beloved mobile phone as the developers offer a brand new models that attract the customers by its speed, smartness and lightness. However these technological innovations come at the price of small fortune, especially when it comes to such top brands as Apple, Samsung and Sony.

Fortunately some of the top UAE retailers offer a trade-in service for old mobile phones: bring an old mobile phone and get money by cash or credit points for any purchase within the retailer stores.

Who offers the trade-in deal in UAE?

Virgin Megastores accept mobile phones, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray discs with games on the trade-in conditions within their stores in the UAE. Virgin Megastores offer credit points that are valid for up to 1 year for any purchase across their UAE stores.

Axiom Telecom chain of stores also offer such an opportunity, but accept only smartphones in exchange for discount on a new device purchased within their UAE stores. 

Sharaf DG stores offer buy-back program for mobile phones due to their green initiative in exchange for vouchers that are valid within their stores in the UAE.

Emax stores offer cash for a functioning old mobile phone and also accept heavily damaged mobile phones for recycling free of charge. 

All the above-listed solutions are more or less similar, but in order to get the best value for your old gadget it may be worth visiting several retailers, especially since all of them have their outlets in the main UAE malls. 

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