When You See Somebody Rubbing Tooth Paste All Over The Car Headlights, It Means THIS!

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You like to drive your car. But, to get the pleasure of driving, you need to maintain your car properly and keep all the parts healthy and usable. If you isolate and break up the maintenance jobs, it ranges from washing, waxing, painting to changing of tires and oil. While some of these jobs are better to be performed by a professional mechanic and some are easy to be taken care of by the owner itself. Cleaning of headlights is a simple but critical job which can be done by anybody.

Undoubtedly, the headlights of the car is one of the most critical components. The cleaner they are, the better you can see the road and the better your car will be visible to the other drivers.  Headlights generally gets heated up after prolonged use and heated surface melts some particles from air and soil. Once, you are having a very thin layer of coating on the headlights, dusts and dirt settles over that and headlights become hazy. This reduces the light output as the produced light gets diffused. The overall effect is: light beam becomes dimmer and less effective. This poses a serious safety hazard which makes driving dangerous. Fortunately, we have a very easy and effective way to get the headlight cleaned. By headlight, we are talking about the plastic covering on the headlight bulb.

Before attempting the fix, you need to know that, it works only when headlights are yellowing on the outside, pitted with dirt and not having smooth surface. In case, this is not the thing you observe, the problem is somewhere else and this fix will be ineffective. The toothpaste needs to be gritty in texture i.e. the toothpaste which contains baking soda or peroxide or whitening agents. If you use plain toothpaste, you may add baking soda into that. And, gel toothpaste doesn’t work for this purpose.

Apply a generous amount of toothpaste on the headlight with the help of the old toothbrush. Slowly, the paste will turn yellow because of the dirt and grime coming off the plastic cover. Use the warm water and spray on the cover. While most of the toothpaste along with the dirt will be washed off, the final polishing by a paper towel will help you to give it a finishing touch. Apply a fair amount of pressure while buffing it away. Finally, apply a bit of wax with the help of the paper towel. Wax not only gives it a shining finish but also forms a protective layer so that the yellowing doesn’t happen anytime soon.

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