Difference between Bionics and prosthetics and their power needs

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Do you know the difference between prosthetics and bionics? Well for the starters, prosthetics are mere replacements of lost body parts whereas bionics function similarly to the original part or organ and are sometime better than the original. With the ever advancing 3Dprinitng technology the possibilities of bionic technologies are endless and life changing.

Not only they are capable of restoration or enhancement of vision, strengthening hearing, creating fully functioning replacement limbs for amputees but also the ability to monitor or prevent such diseases and conditions as type I diabetes. But the biggest problem is powering these amazing breakthroughs. Different concepts have been tried to come to a solution.

There have been talks about producing energy using electric eels and other electromagnetic animals but the main concern about these is how to control the electrical output. Solar energy has also been talked about as a possible energy source. There is another concept of using motion for generation of electricity for powering implanted bionics. Princeton University engineers have developed power-generating rubber films, created from ceramic nano ribbons embedded into biocompatible silicone, which create energy when flexed. Developed by biotech startup Bionic Power Inc., the PowerWalk M-Series generates electricity “similar to regenerative braking in hybrid cars,” through walking. The energy generated could power the implant directly which would remove the need for batteries completely. All these concepts are great but have one or two sticking points. If one or more of these concepts find a way to completely eliminate the need for constant charging of bionics then it will be a game changer and a revolutionary thing for mankind.

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