WhatsApp to Soon Get Video Calling Support: Report

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WhatsApp has been working on adding various features to its messaging service. Earlier, WhatsApp was rumoured to add call back, voicemail, and zip file sharing support to the service. Now, a latest leak tips that the company is planning to add video calls alongside other features.

Android Police, citing translation requests, reports that WhatsApp is gearing up to add the video call feature. The translate requests sent by WhatsApp includes a line that says, "Video call," and "Video calling is unavailable at this time." This clearly suggests that the company is set to add the video call feature to WhatsApp soon.

The report adds that the video call feature is accessible on select devices running beta app but is yet to make it to general users. So far, it's not clear whether the WhatsApp video call feature will be rolled out to general public or will be gradually available only to users with invites, similar to the WhatsApp voice-calling feature. Initially, the WhatsApp voice call feature was only available to limited users with invites.

Facebook's WhatsApp is also said to be adding option to send group invites via NFC tags alongside another way to send invites via links and QR codes. The report citing translation requests and some leaked screenshots adds that the company is looking to expand the ways with which members of a limited group can invite other WhatsApp users to join.

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