Rumors: iPhone 7 abandoned Significant Features?

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"Would you like to have an iPhone?"

If a year back also, somebody asked you this question, it would have considered a rhetorical one. But, the way things are moving now, nobody can tell for sure what is in store for Apple during 2016 and 2017!

According to the trusted Macotakara source, Apple’s latest hardware innovation called ‘Smart Connector’ is going to be withdrawn from the iPhone 7. This is confirmed from the leaked iPhone 7 prototype.  

Smart connector is an exciting feature which has been recently introduced in the iPad Pro range. It enables the Lightning port to transmit power and data simultaneously. It means, third party keyboards, wireless headphones and smart protective cases will not require batteries or charging and they will be functional as soon as they are plugged in.

Without a smart connector, famous KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes that iPhone 7 will not have “many attractive selling points”.


Is it somehow connected with the bigger Apple concerns? It is true that Apple suffered its first major iPhone sales decline last month. But, that doesn’t justify Apple’s recent practice of fragmenting its hardware innovations.

Like, Apple provided 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, but abandoned it the iPhone SE and iPad Pro range inexplicably despite the competition is yet to close the gap on that feature. Similarity, the Smart Connector introduced on the iPad Pro range, is now not being pursued across all Apple hardware.  

Why exactly Apple is doing this? Is it to accommodate ‘All glass’ iPhone 8? Meanwhile, on the technical front, despite removing the headphone jack, it seems that Apple has not gained significant internal space which can be utilized for battery capacity enhancement. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Apple has also abandoned the tentative plan of a second speaker.

At this point, nobody can explain what is there in Apple’s mind. Whatever it is, right at this juncture, it’s not looking great…

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