Top Qibla Apps for Your Smartphone

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Finding the Qibla is not always easy, especially if you are traveling around the world. However praying facing directly to Mecca has never been that easy with modern smartphone apps. All you need is to install it on your gadget and avoid electromagnetic fields. Here you can find a selection of the best apps of this kind.


1. Muslim Pro: this comprehensive Islamic app has been recognized as the most accurate prayer time & Azan application on mobile devices. It offers accurate prayer times and multiple azans and also features the Quran with translations and audio recitations, as well as the Islamic calendar and a qibla locator. It has 15 million users in 215 countries.


2. Qibla AR: a cool augmented reality application for iOS users that guides towards the Kaaba. It has a full English interface and is free at the time of this writing.


3. iSalam: a simple but reliable Qibla compass for iPhone. It is designed to be friendly towards visually impaired people.


4. Islamic Compass: a very useful tool for Muslims. Apart from a Qibla compass, it features Adhan alerts and prayer times. Its best feature is functioning offline.


5. Al-Moazin Lite: ensures you're correctly facing the Qibla. This app includes the five main prayers of the day and the time to do them, as well as an integrated compass.  


6. My Prayer: provides you with all essential things for praying: Qibla compass, Islamic calendar, alarm notification etc. The app can be used in Arabic or English languages and may be downloaded for free.


7. Qibla Connect: gives the exact Qibla direction anywhere in the world. A user-friendly interface has a unique design that is easy to understand by the user.


The abovementioned apps may be of help for faithful Muslims. They make preparing to pray pretty easy. You just need to find your favourite one from a wide range thereof.

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