A glucose monitor that doesn’t need a finger prick

من طرف Matar Khalifa
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Glucose monitoring has always been a pain for those suffering from diabetes and who have to go through this suffering again and again. But some good news seems to have come from the Cardiff University. According to reports, a team from Cardiff University’s School of Engineering has devised a type of ‘wearable’ that uses the power of the microwaves to track glucose levels and this eliminates the need for blood beyond the initial calibration. This monitor can be easily attached to the skin of the patient using an adhesive. Once stuck, it continuously keeps tabs on blood sugar levels in a non-intrusive way.

If the use of microwaves is a matter or of concern then Professor Adrian Porch, one of the monitor’s creators dispels these fears by clarifying: “It uses microwaves, but the levels are very, very low. Nowhere near the levels used in domestic cooking. Think about a mobile phone. We are about a thousand times less than that level.” People suffering from Type 1 diabetes require constant glucose monitoring and pricking a finger every time becomes a pain for them. Professor Stephen Luzio, who carries out clinical research regarding diabetes at Swansea University’s College of Medicine, has already conducted trials with around 50 patients and informs that the patients are quite keen on this. This device can surely turn to be a boon for those patients who are fed up of those prick finger tests.

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