THIS Is How To Get The Best Signal Out Of Your Existing Wi-Fi Network Without Spending A Fils

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Suppose, you are in middle of an exciting episode on YouTube or Netflix and Wi-Fi turns slow down. Frustrating isn’t it? Not anymore, here we are to show you some easy and simple ways to boost your Wi-Fi signals for better network coverage.

Try placing your Wi-Fi router at a central location in the house. Doors and walls can absorb and degrade signal strength. Also try keeping it at a high level above the ground for even distribution of Wi-Fi signal across your home.

Electronics likes microwaves, fluorescent lights, cordless telephones etc. may interfere your Wi-Fi signal. To avoid this, try placing your router away from electronics and metal objects

Online tools like Acrylic Wi-Fi and AirGrab Wi-Fi Radar for windows and Mac respectively can help you to find and reduce the amount of interference your Wi-Fi signal is facing.

Running firmware can be time consuming and annoying. But those updates ensure that your old router is working efficiently. Also, it is best to change your router every 7 to 8 years.

Routers generally have two antennas on top. Switch it to perpendicular position if they are parallel to each other. This ensures a strong connection between one’s home network and laptops and smartphones.

The aluminum in soda and beer cans helps to extend the signal beyond the router’s normal range. All you need to do is have a clean can and then with the help of a utility knife cut across the bottom of the mouth leaving around two inches of area at the top ensuring the mouth of the can is still attached. Cut the middle of the can on the opposite to make a curve and turn it upside down. Stick one of the antenna of the router through the mouth of the can and keep it in place with help the help of a duct tape. Repeat the procedure for the other antenna and enjoy amazingly good signal strength. A note of caution here, this process is actually concentrating the signal in one direction and NOT boosting the signal as such.

Keep your Wi-Fi password protected because the speed is inversely proportional to the number of people using it. A strong password protects it from unauthorized users.

Try staggering down heavy bandwidth usage. Because the entire network is affected if too many people are in the same network doing heavy stuff like playing video games, downloading movies or watching Netflix.

Generally, routers have about 150 feet of range. One must use Wi-Fi repeater in cases where devices and computers are at a distance from the router. Wi-Fi repeater can be plugged into any wall outlet.

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