The WING™ Earphone is a product of a Netherlands-based start-up


When it comes to earphones, nothing compares to a wireless pair. We all know how annoying it is when you own a classic pair and the wires are all tangled up and if you live in the country like the UAE, where the temperatures are always high, untangling them in a sunny afternoon is the last thing you want to do. Oh, and let’s not forget that a good pair of wireless earphones is far from being cheap! But what if we told you than now you can buy a premium pair at a pocket-friendly price?


The WING™ Earphone is a product of a Netherlands-based start-up which, a few days ago, on the 3rd of May, were introduced on Indiegogo, managing to already reach an impressive amount of 88% of the total of AED 67'950 ($18'500) they’re aiming to raise in 35 days.

Presented as the first socially responsible premium wireless earphone, without the high price tag, WING™ Earphone offers a premium sound, Bluetooth connectivity, sweat and water resistance, a built-in microphone, unique bent-to-fit earhooks and, most important, a battery life that delivers up to 8 hours of continuous play. It fit to all ears and is very comfortable, so you can wear it for a longer period.

Currently, WING is looking for backers and they have a great offer for anybody who’s willing to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign. No matter if they’re from the UAE or any other country, backers will be able to buy earphones with a discount up to 43%, which is a really great offer.

Currently, you can contribute to the campaign with sums between AED 217 ($59) and AED 18'361 ($4'999), all packages coming with various benefits. More details can be found on WING™ Earphone’ Indiegogo page:


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