2K Games unexpectedly announces Civilization VI


All of a sudden a new chapter of a famous Sid Meier’s franchise developed by 2K Games is said to be released on October 21, 2016. This year the sixth chapter of the world known strategy celebrates its 25th anniversary with 33 million copies sold worldwide.

According to the developer, the game sticks to its roots and game mechanics is similar to that of previous chapters, yet a couple of important updates will be introduced. The cities gonna grow this time occupying more space on a map thus a player can get a benefit from the map environment by placing his city in a particular location. Player’s actions will shape the features of his civilization and victory can be achieved by one of the five ways.

Moreover, the game units can be attached to each other that significantly improves control: for example, you can order your mechanized troops follow infantry while civilians will stick to the army. These are important and useful features as an improved AI changes game dynamics and a player will definitely need new tools to survive in a harsh environment.

And you will surely get a dose of an aesthetic pleasure as new game engine leads your favorite views to a new level. A favorite and familiar game with a modern look and cool new features – what can be more attractive?

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