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Soldiers have a really tough life in a tough terrain living in tough conditions. People who have friends or loved ones in armed forces know how tough their life can get especially if they are in a war zone. Soldiers not only have to face the ammunition and attacks of the enemy but also have to move ahead with heavy loads and retaliate in such a way that it causes maximum damage and minimum to no damage to the fellow soldiers.

  To bring a little respite from their heavy load woes, engineers at Harvard University have created a flexible exosuit designed to makes their lives slightly easier as it has the ability to reduce the energy cost of walking when carrying heavy load. The engineers have used fabric to build this suit.

The suit comprises of a waist belt, two thigh pieces and two calf straps, connected by cables to two motors mounted on a backpack. The energy from the motor travels via the cables to the suit which transfers it to the wearer. The good part is that the suit becomes active only when the wearer walks, i.e. it can detect walking motion. The suit is designed in such a way that it assists the hip and ankle joints which together contribute about 80 percent of the power produced by the leg joints during walking. This suit can also be easily used by hikers and emergency professionals who are the first on the scene of an incident. Apart from assisting load carriers, the engineers are exploring the possibility of using the exosuit to assist individuals with impaired movement. The suit also doesn’t affect the wearer’s freedom of movement and allows them to return to a normal walking profile.



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