UAE telco offers phones from Dh20 a month; iPhone from Dh75/month

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As part of a new campaign, a UAE telecom operator is offering brand new smartphones starting from Dh20 per month, with new iPhones for as low as Dh75 per month.

Etisalat says its new Business Devices program offers small and medium businesses (SMBs) a range of latest office devices at zero upfront cost and easy instalment plans.

Under the new program, devices for SMBs are not bundled with any service, thereby facilitating existing customers to buy their device of choice on a standalone basis.

Emirates 24|7 scanned the smartphones and found that the Xiaomi Redmi 2E (16GB) starts at Dh20 per month on a 24-month instalment programme.

Not a Xiaomi fan? The 16GB iPhone SE, on the other hand, will set you back by just Dh75 per month over a 24-month period while the 64GB variant of the iPhone SE will cost Dh95 per month (2-year instalment programme).

For those looking for a slightly bigger iPhone, the EMI for a 2-year instalment plan for the 16GB iPhone 6s will work out to Dh115 while that for the 16GB iPhone 6s Plus will cost you Dh140 per month.

Samsung fans can get the new Galaxy S7 for as low as Dh110 per month while the Edge variant of the Galaxy S7 will set you back by Dh120 per month.

“We are excited to introduce our new Business Devices proposition where we offer a wide range of business grade office equipment at zero upfront and flexible payment options, and other value-added services for SMBs to optimise their performance and improve efficiency,” said John Lincoln, Senior Vice President, SMB at Etisalat.

The UAE telco’s extended range of categories include office equipment, computing devices, communication devices, network and storage devices as well as security devices. These include a laptop, desktop, tablet, smart watch, multi-function printer, projector, server, smart TV, video conferencing systems, surveillance camera, and micro data centres, among others.

Business-grade laptops, for instance, can be had starting at Dh55 per month on a 36-month instalment programme. The HP 250G4, for one, is available at that price (Dh55/month), while the Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablet can be hand for Dh60 per month (again on a 36-month instalment programme).

Etisalat says that the business-grade devices are available to customers on a one-time payment basis or at a flexible monthly payment plan of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months, as per the requirement of the business.

The device offering also includes free delivery across the UAE for all devices and equipment right to the customers’ doorstep and on-site installation for selected business devices. In addition, devices are covered under manufacturer warranty.



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