Why SEO Innovations are Crucial for Businesses in Middle East?


The local SEO in Middle East coupled with SEO innovations can do wonders for companies, restaurants and other organizations who want to promote their businesses within their own geographical area. This is slightly different from traditional SEO as it focuses more on promoting business on Google’s local search results which are not global or nationwide. An individual in Dubai that types “five star hotels” will automatically receive local search results of all five stars hotels in Dubai only; this is exactly what local SEO aims at. A person visiting Middle East and searching for maps to get a restaurant or to visit a business needs the company’s website to get in touch and this is where SEO can play key role in helping businesses to reach out to maximum number of tourists and visitors coming to Middle East.

If you own a business in Middle East, then SEO innovations like schema markup can make your local search listing more visual and also increases your click through rate. The Arab world having more than 22 countries and various businesses in each one of them trying to have a local presence in every country to appear on the top of the search results can be quiet tough. It is very crucial to understand that Google makes updates to this Middle East region comparatively slower than the Asia-pacific and other western countries. Hence, in the Middle East, it is quite favorable that older optimization tactics may not work and this calls for some serious SEO innovations that understand the Middle East market and can do optimization in both English and Arabic. So, whether you own a business in Cairo, Beirut, Lebanon or own a hotel in Amman, Doha or Riyadh, a local SEO can simply boost your organization’s web presence and make it reachable for maximum customers.

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