THIS Is Why Flying In An Airplane Is So Expensive!

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Fuel is not the reason, which makes the flying expensive. Fuel is costly and it is consumed heavily. As an example, giant consumer jets gulp down fuel at the rate of 0.67 miles per gallon or 1.5 gallons of jet fuel for every mile travelled.

With many people flying together, fuel cost comes down to a much reasonable level. Per person fuel efficiency gets as high as 105 miles per gallon. It is actually various types of taxes and overhead costs which make flying so expensive.

The other cost components are: –

  1. Different kinds of taxes.
  2. Pilots salary
  3. Airport fees
  4. Crew costs
  5. Airplane cost
  6. Maintenance
  7. Non flying cost (cost of running the business)

For an example, if we take a flying distance from NYC to Washington DC, per person fuel cost comes to around USD 2.5. Adding everything else, the total cost is inflated to USD 70 which becomes the break-even cost. Airlines need to add their profit margin to it to get the lowest fares!!

The video below, nicely explains how the costs are stacked up and what makes the flying so expensive.

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