Do You Not Switch Off Your Computers/ Devices Routinely? See Why And How It Is Harmful!!

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If you are not switching off the electric items when you are not using them, you are actually wasting electricity and electricity costs money.  Move over, you are damaging the planet, you depend on, by burning the carbon to generate electricity.

According to computer technicians, PCs/desktops are meant to stay on for long period of time but you should set your PC to go into sleep mode after a specified period of non-usage. But, in case of laptops, you need to turn it off, if it is not properly set up to permit cooling at the Base of unit. Otherwise, this may damage your device due to overheating and burnout of the processor.  To save the energy and to prolong the life of your laptop/PC, you need to keep the air vents clean. Also, most probably, you will suffer the problem of disconnect, if you will leave your modem or router on for long time.

Here is the list of problems you will suffer, if you are not turning off your electronic items for a long time:


In the system like pc and laptop, overheating occurs due to their excessive use. It may, eventually, destroy the hard drive and you may lose your important data. Motherboard may also get burnt in this process. Therefore, in order to prevent it from overheating, turn off your pc/laptops and make sure, proper air should enter in your pc for cooling purpose.

In case, there is some problem associated with your Wi-Fi and internet connection, there is a chance that it is related to the software of your modem or router. In order to solve this problem, restart the router by unplugging it from the power socket and then plug it back. This, power cycling, enables the devices to boot afresh and acquire a new snapshot of the network. This is especially required when there is some change in the network in terms of hardware, software or configurations.

That’s why it is important to turn off your pc, laptop, router, modem and other electronic equipment as and when possible.

Here are the reasons to keep your pc/laptop on and off:

Reason to keep it on 

  • When you are using your computer as a server.
  • When you are allowing activities like background updates, virus scan to occur while you are away.

Reasons to keep it off:

  • To save electricity.
  • To increase the performance of the electronic items.
  • To slow down natural degradation process

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