Ramadan special offer: Watch ‘live’ TV on your Phone or PC for free

من طرف Ahmed Dubai
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TV.ae – one of the brand-new media-entertainment websites based in the UAE – has officially launched its Ramadan offering free subscription to content on multiple devices: TV.ae is currently available on iPhone, Android phones and web browsers. 

Primarily the platform is aimed at the Arabic audience across the Middle East and some regions of North Africa but it is also available worldwide by providing Arabic subtitles for its entire library. 

Starting from June 6, TV.ae give its subscribers an access to its exclusive Ramadan-based content and first of its kind experience in the Arab World. 

Ali Al Shaiba, CEO of TV.ae, says that the company works on bringing the same content on some other platforms, including gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, as well as smart TVs. 

“We will also be rolling out more platforms throughout the year, including Chromecast, Samsung and LG Smart TV’s, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PS4 and Roku,” says Al Shaiba. 

“In addition, we’ve introduced a dual-screen ability that lets the viewer take control like never before. The feature creates numerous possibilities for the viewer such as being able to cast their chosen entertainment from their mobile or tablet onto a TV screen. Additionally, the viewer can use the dual-screen as a means to watch two pieces of content simultaneously on different devices, which is not available on any other VOD service,” he says. 

TV.AE have partnered with a number of successful local and international production houses to source content. “To differentiate ourselves from similar services, we have a clear strategy to enrich our content library with the best international productions from industry giants such as Sony, Universal, and others,” says Al Shaiba.



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