How To Stay Safe When You Are Using Public Wifi

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Today when you step out, you will surely come across many public wifi hotspots. And come on, who doesn’t love free wifi on the go? But you need to beware of the risks involved. Read on to know all about using free public wifi!

Read the terms and conditions carefully

In the haste of getting access to the internet, many people click on anything that appears on the screen. These might put them in a lot of trouble. Always ensure to double check what you’re signing up for. Make it a point to read the terms and conditions. Decide carefully if its worth to give the information it is demanding for. You can use an alternative email address if you have, in these times. Another important point is to always connect to official wifi networks that are properly advertised. Many a times, hackers set up free wifi hotspots to catch vulnerable citizens. Do take a note that you don’t fall prey to such traps!

Stick to secure websites and apps

Think a lot when you are about to do something very important over a public wifi. In such networks, it is very easy for anyone on the same network to access your data.  When connecting your phone to the network, try to use a browser than an app. Apps can generally accept fake security information without your knowledge. This can create a mess for you if you are buying stuff online or using net banking. Browsers are much more secure for checking and verifying HTTPS connections. Furthermore, using apps from famous and well-known names will reduce the risk on public wifi although none will provide you a guarantee.

Install a VPN app

VPNs (virtual private networks) redirect your data through trusted and dedicated servers. You can either pay for a reputable VPN service or go for a well established free one. Most of them are available as apps for desktop and mobiles, and they are easy to install and use. This is the really effective way of securing your connections over public networks. Some of the highly recommended VPNs are IPVanish, CyberGhost, Hotspot Shield and Private Internet Access. Also, Opera’s mobile browser has a built-in VPN.

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