THIS Tower Produces 600% More Electrical Energy Than The Conventional Wind Turbines


Conventional wind turbines are great way to tap renewable energy. But, they have their own share of problems. Firstly, they are a known bird killer because of the huge rotating turbine blades. The second problem is the turbine generator systems which are massive and are placed on the top of the turbines. This makes the deployment and repair a costly affair. Last, but not the least, these wind turbines need a threshold level of wind speed for effective operation and cannot operate with a low wind speed.

In comparison, the Sheerwind wind turbines are much compact, although, they are supposed to produce 6 times the electrical power than conventional wind turbines. This strange looking wind tower is specifically designed to maximize efficiency of electricity production. The whole tower acts like a funnel which diverts winds from any angle towards the ground deployed turbine generator.

The funneled portion or the tapering portion of the unit enhances the speed of the wind by deploying a venturi effect which lowers the pressure and increases the speed. This, in turn, speeds up the wind turbine mounted almost at the throat of the venturi.

The total process makes this an attractive proposition which generates 600% more electrical energy with much lower level of wind speed. Lower cost (both OPEX and CAPEX) and efficient operation make it an ideal solution for harvesting wind energy.

In terms of technology, it is not exactly a new one but it is new way of generation of electricity in a very eco-friendly way. Manufacturers will be trying for a smaller home version which will be able to power any off-grid cabin in future.

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