This Is HOW You Can Access Another Computer From Your Own Computer!

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How wonderful it would be if you could access your important work files from your office computer while being at your home? You may be surprised but it is possible. You can even get a technician to control your home computer screen even if he is sitting in his office. Many ways to do this exist, a few of them are listed below. Hope you find them worth your time!

Method 1: Windows Remote Desktop

For this method, you need to be connected to the computer you want to access via the same shared network. This can be done by connecting both to the same wifi or through a VPN. You also need to enable ‘Remote Desktop’ on the computer you want to have access to. For this:

  • Click Start->Control Panel->System and Security->System. Or you can press Windows key + Pause key.
  • Select the ‘Remote Settings’ link on the left side.
  • Tick the ‘Allow remote connections to this computer’ checkbox. If you wish to change some of the advanced options, you may do so under the ‘Advanced’ button.

Now, choose the users you want to allow access to the computer. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Select Users’ button and then selecting the ‘Add’ button.

You also need to know the system name so that you can find it to connect. Press Windows key+pause. The name will be found in the ‘Computer name’ entry.

Make sure the computer is not in the Sleep mode. To disable it :

  • Go to Control Panel->Power Options.
  • Click on ‘Change plan settings’ link.
  • Set Sleep and Hibernate to Never and save the changes.

Now, start the computer you want to connect to the remote computer. Choose Start and search for ‘remote desktop connection’. Open it.

  • Type the system name of the computer that you want to connect to.
  • Type your username.
  • Use ‘Show Options’ to change the advanced options for this connection.
  • Click on Connect. Once you are connected, the other computer’s desktop screen will appear on your computer in a different window. You can control it normally.


To connect to your remote computer over the internet, open port 3389 on the firewall of the remote computer. It is advised to have a very secure password because this exposes your desktop to the internet. After opening ports, enter the public IP address of the computer to connect to it.

  • You can also use the official Microsoft app to connect with Windows 8 or 8.1 Professional desktops. You just have to configure Remote Desktop on the computer.

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