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Back in March Apple released the iPhone that customers had been waiting for a long time: iPhone SE (SE stands for Special Edition). Having pretty bad experience with iPhone 5C, Apple was planning to release a smartphone with high performance, traditional iPhone design and most importantly lower price. After Spring Event we can say Apple met the expectations.  In this article we are going to highlight the advantages of iPhone SE over other iPhone models and 5 reasons to buy SE.

1. Performance and technical specification
Even though its lower price and small form factor, iPhone SE doesn’t fall behind 6S in terms of specs. SE packs Apple’s A9 chipset with M9 co-processor. Combining with 2 GB RAM iPhone SE doubles CPU and triples GPU performance of iPhone 5S. Moreover, SE supports Apple Pay and Live Photos. If you are looking for a device with high-end specs like iPhone 6 or 6S, we can definitely say iPhone SE is true match.

Apple a9 chip

2. Design
Apple brought one of its most successful designs from iPhone 5S to SE because of striking look, capability of one hand usage and perfect pocket fit. If you are into small body and more powerful machine than 5S, iPhone SE is ideald for you with its silver, space gray, gold and rose gold colors.

iphone se design

3. Energy consumption 
The most power consuming part of the smartphone? – Yes, it is the screen. iPhone SE has 4” (640x1136) display and Apple claims that SE is the most power efficient iPhone model ever. With 1642 mAh battery you don’t need to carry charger with you anymore.

iphone se battery

4. Camera
iPhone SE has one the best rear-facing cameras among the competition. 12 megapixel iSight camera is also capable of 4K shooting along with different shoot options. 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera may seem like tiny, but it’s more than enough for killer selfies.

iphone se camera

5. Price
iPhone SE is the cheapest smartphone that Apple ever made. However, Apple didn’t sacrifice the quality in order to keep the margin. Now you can buy this compact but powerful smartphone for only $480.

Beloved iPhone design, flawless performance, long battery life and suitable price makes SE the ideal iPhone. Now you can buy this model on www.from.ae within shortest time.

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