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Android smartphones are everywhere. People you meet daily use either Android or iOS smartphones (97%). Taking into consideration that having iPhone is seen as social status, we would like to highlight 5 reasons that shows why Android outperforms iOS. 


1) Price
Of course this is not about the price of the OS. Both operating systems are free. However, the cheapest iPhones are much more expensive than even mid-range Android smartphones. For example, as high-end smartphones iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are similarly pricey. Nevertheless, that is not the case in low-end and mid-range category. For instance, iPhone SE is currently $474 while OnePlus X is only $287 with its similar design and performance. You can even find cheaper but handy options as well.

Budget Android smartphones

2) Widgets
For a long period, in this type of comparisons Android lovers had referenced this category. Even Microsoft saw the opportunity and included live tiles in its Windows Mobile systems. You can say that iOS supports widgets since last year. However, that is limited to only notification tab and you can not add any other widget rather than iOS officially supports.

Android widgets

3) Downloading apps from other sources
Although most of the apps in both AppStore and Play Market are free, there're tons of apps that are priced. Android lets you to install any app or game from other sourcers. For example, you just need to click the "allow installaton of apps from unkonwn sources" and you're good to go.

Android games apk

4)    Launcher
You can pick any iPhone and all of them are similar in terms of interface. iPhone does not let you do as many thing as Android. If you are an Android user and are not happy with the homescreen, fonts, folders, drawer or something else, download a launcher from Play Market. But even the skins that officially offered by manufacturers are totally different.  

Android launchers

5)    Custom ROMs
That is the highest level of customization. Since Android is an open source project, developers can pick the source code that Google offers and built their own operating system on top of that. Are you not happy with TouchWiz? Then just install any other custom ROM. CyanogenMod, Sailfish, Ubuntu or Firefox are famous ones.

Custom ROMs

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