THIS Is How You Can Turn Chrome Into A Personal Language Tutor!

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Learning new languages are in trend now. People now, want to be fluent in more than one language. Even schools and colleges encourage learning a new language and they have mostly included this in their curriculum. There are several exercises, which are practiced for learning a new language like, listening to radios, watching TV, reading etc. To be perfect, you have to inculcate such lessons in everyday.

Google has this habit of coming out with new apps every day for different purposes, Google, recently, came out with another interesting new app, ‘’, which helps people learn new languages easily and quickly.

To use this app perform the steps given below carefully.

  1. Download and install the app for chrome
  2. Open the app by clicking on the icon, which appears on the ride side of the address bar
  3. Select the language you want to learn
  4. Select the fluency level; you can rate yourself from novice to fluent

Now on visiting any website, you will see words and phrases highlighted and translated to the language you want to learn. You must be careful in checking out the portion that has been translated for building your vocabulary. In case, you are still finding it difficult, click on the translated word and it will be converted back to English. Click again to change it your targeted language.

You can also hear the translated portion using ‘Google Translate’. The app also allows you to make significant setting with Google Translate website, which automatically translates the word into your chosen language.

While you are a novice, only few sentences are translated into the chosen language. The number of translated portions increases with time. The entire paragraph is changed into the chosen language when you select fluent as your option. You can close the app by clicking the icon again and selecting the off option.

Although, translated websites are not perfect always, but its utility depends on how you would like to use the Google translate. Occasionally, you may see spelling mistakes as well, but they are trying to bring remarkable solutions for those, who need assistance in learning and practicing a new language, in their daily routine.

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