Don’t Buy A New Laptop Just Yet- Better New Technology Devices Are Around The Corner!

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Laptops, as we know them, won’t exist five years from now. Consumers desire increased mobility, apps optimized across devices, and just plain more innovation. As a result, the classic all-metal foldable laptop will fade into the background.


None of the laptops on the market today are prepared for the changes coming. Despite swirling rumors of new touch ID-enabled Macbook Pros that would turn the top row of the physical keyboard into a touch panel of programmable buttons and fingerprint readers, even this innovative device is missing several components of what consumers will expect from laptops five years from now.

No company has crafted the perfect laptop-tablet device with compatible software, apps, and A.I., but whoever does, that’s the next laptop you’ll want to buy.

Why do we still desire laptops? Well, they are the perfect work devices! For example, you can do work on your iPhone, but when it comes down to cranking out a written document, you turn to your computer, and not just because it has a full keyboard. Are you reading this article right now on a computer? How many tabs are open? Now think about how hard it is to switch between tabs on your phone.

Well organized tabs aren’t the only thing that make laptops superior work devices, but there’s probably nothing you use more on a laptop than a good browser with a lot of tabs, and Apple and Google two-in-one devices just don’t offer that.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 was built from the ground-up to bridge the gap between laptops and mobile devices, but it’s held back by a lack of apps and imperfect hardware at a steep starting price of $1,400 for the Surface Book, or around $1,000 for theSurface Pro 4 if you want a keyboard (which you do because, it’s not the best stand-alone tablet).

These combo devices are getting really good from the hardware side, but it’s hard to recommend buying them before the software is there to support it. Thus, we just have to wait and see who cracks this problem first, but whoever does, it will be pretty much and you’re going to want that.

The forever relevant charger issue is a big factor affecting our lives.

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