Japanese autonomous construction robots to help build habitats on Moon and Mars

من طرف Ahmed Dubai
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Moving on to another planet and setting up human colonies has become more of a fact that an idea because more and more people are accepting this as a future course.

Now the preparations are not only about going to the next planet or moon, these also pertain to innovations in the line of providing additional support once humans reach there. Moving in the same direction, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is developing autonomous construction robots. The agency plans to utilize these robots in building habitats on the moon and the Mars. JAXA has joined hands with Japanese firm Kajima which has already tested autonomous construction machinery back on Earth. In addition to this, the company’s A4CSEL has previously been used to build dams in southern Japan.

JAXA hopes that it would be able to ready the habitat building machinery for four to six people on moon by 2030 and for Mars by 2040. Kajima believes that its construction technology could be very useful for levelling ground in preparation for building launch pads or buildings in space. Apart from Kajima, JAXA has also joined hands with various other firms like Taguchi Industrial Company (given the responsibility of developing ultra-light construction machinery which is easily transportable into space), Tokyu Construction Company (is tasked with making bricks from moon dust) and Sakai Heavy Industries (to look into the matter of low gravity compaction). Together these companies and JAXA want to create a perfect habitat for human beings on Mars and Moon which provides the safety and security of any other home on Earth.


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